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This is a discussion on Where can I find geocad pro crack? within the Windows.Q: Boost::Iostreams: How to create a single output file for multiple input files? I have a requirement in which I have to write multiple input files to a single output file. This output file is not a container, it is just a flat file. Since output file is not a container, I cannot use save_file function. So I have to write each input file to its own output file. How can I do this? Is there any other solution other than writing to separate files? A: I suspect you are not using a boost::iostreams::file_descriptor so the answer is probably "No". If I were you I would switch to a boost::iostreams::device so you can use a boost::iostreams::file_descriptor with the save_file method. That's how I solve this problem: std::vector files; std::vector::iterator it = files.begin(); while(it!= files.end()) { //cout c_str() outfd_stream(outfd);, boost::iostreams::out); boost::iostreams::stream outfd_stream_new(outfd);, boost::iostreams::



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Geocadfullindir felkamm

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